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This year is a little special

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Anzac Day parade is held annually on 25 April. This year, even though it is a public holiday, I got out of my warm bed in the freezing morning and hurried to the parade.


This year’s parade is a little different than the previous years. Not because I am playing in it, but my students are!


The parade commences at 9:00am. We were waiting on the street from 9:15am (dragged bf to accompany me).

Until around 10:30am, we see the band of my students finally!

My students were marching for Melbourne Youth Orchestra. Albert was playing the cymbals, and Harry was playing the snare drum.

Their band marched quite quickly. I was half running trying to catch up their march.

Then I saw someone running even faster than me and ahead of me. She was also holding a phone to take photos while running, like me.

Oh, it is Albert’s mum!



仔細一看,是Albert媽媽 :P

Watching the march of other different bands was also fun. I was proud and happy to see that Albert and Harry marched in this year’s Anzac parade, and that they have enjoyed playing in the MYO.


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