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Updated: Apr 28, 2022

I suddenly had the idea to start a blog that records the small and big moments with my students.


2022 is the 7th year of my teaching experience (don’t get me wrong, I am still pretty young). Through trials and errors, I continue to polish my teaching approaches and strive for excellence. I have also become more and more proud of my students, and really enjoy watching them grow and mature over the years, in skills, musicality, and mentality. Sometimes the change is so dramatic that I am amazed.




There are countless fun and lovely memories during the lessons and also throughout their musical journey.

I am pleased to accompany them for a bit during their childhood and adolescence, and genuinely enjoy our time of hitting stuffs together.

I sometimes post these little moments on social media. And I think it is time to record them properly.


So, here it is, a blog about stories my students. 所以 這個部落格就正式運作了。

If there are other interesting things happening and I feel like writing about it, I will include them in this blog, too.

Such as about my bunny!




Hope you enjoy reading it!


To my students: watch out this space!

Choya is relaxing under the marimba on a casual weekday afternoon.


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